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Beyond Security Measures: Banking Fraud Prevention

随着人工智能和技术变得越来越先进,小偷和骗子也越来越多. In 2022 alone, the Federal Trade Commission reported $8.诈骗活动造成的损失高达80亿美元,比前一年增加了30%. And with billions of dollars in assets on the line, banks 和 credit unions have a duty to protect their customers.

消费者指望银行帮助他们了解是否有可能是骗局或欺诈, yet most banks aren’t educating their customers on the latest rackets. To fight fraud in the digital age, 银行需要提前将风险和计划告知客户, helping identify fraudsters before they scam a customer out of money. 我们在这里帮助您成为客户的倡导者,并通过这些提示保护他们的资产.

Underst和ing banking fraud

In order to prevent banking fraud, 您的客户需要了解欺诈者所使用的常见骗局以及与之相关的风险. 从网络钓鱼诈骗到信用卡诈骗,有许多不同类型的银行诈骗. Being aware of them helps you 和 your customers spot red flags.

  • 网络钓鱼诈骗: Scammers impersonate legitimate entities like banks via email, 文本, 或者打电话, 诱骗受害者点击恶意链接或泄露个人信息. Phishing often functions as a gateway for other forms of banking fraud, posing a significant threat to corporate data security down the line.
  • Account takeover scams: Scammers gain control of someone’s online account, using stolen login information to access the account, 修改密码, 和 lock out the real owner. 通常,骗子会以受害者的名义转账或开设新账户. Account takeover scams are extremely costly for banks, damaging their reputation 和 resulting in financial losses for customers.
  • 检查欺诈: 欺诈者使用纸质或数字支票,通过编写欺诈性支票来窃取资金, 伪造签名, 或者开假支票. There has also been a recent rise in mail theft 和 检查清洗 as criminals steal signed checks from postal boxes, chemically erase the dollar amount, 然后修改支票,使其支付给新的收款人,金额要大得多.
  • 信用卡欺诈: From credit 和 debit cards to gift 和 prepaid cards, card fraud is far 和 away the most common form of bank fraud. 诈骗者通常窃取实体卡,复制卡的详细信息或刷卡.
  • 投资欺诈: Often used interchangeably with securities fraud, 这种类型的骗局包括欺骗投资者或操纵金融市场. From Ponzi 和 pyramid schemes to late-day or insider trading, this type of fraud often involves false or misleading information.
  • 电汇欺诈: Fraudsters pose as trusted sources like vendors, 公司, 或者你爱的人, 敦促受害者立即电汇,以帮助他们摆脱捏造的紧急情况. 由于电汇很难追踪,而且经常涉及将资金转移到国外,因此这种欺诈行为很难追回损失的资金.

Prioritizing preventative education

对于金融机构及其客户来说,从骗局的影响中恢复比从一开始就防止它们发生要困难得多. That’s why promoting a risk prevention mindset is absolutely vital. 这一切都是从教育你的客户开始的,这样他们就不会成为常见骗局和计划的受害者. 鼓励顾客采取以下措施,积极保护自己:

  1. Be cautious about suspicious communications.
    诈骗者经常使用网络钓鱼骗局来诱骗人们泄露他们的个人和财务信息. 他们可能会发送电子邮件, 短信, 或者看似来自银行或其他合法组织的电话. 建议客户不要在未经请求的电子邮件或短信中点击链接或打开附件.
  2. Protect your personal information.
    客户不应该与任何他们不认识和信任的人分享个人和财务信息. And even if they think they know the person, keep in mind that it could be a scammer posing as a loved one online. 鼓励客户谨慎对待他们在网上和社交媒体上发布的信息, 和 to never reveal anything potentially compromising, such as their home address, 在互联网上.
  3. Use strong passwords 和 multi-factor authentication.
    防止银行欺诈的一个简单方法是要求强密码和多因素身份验证. Strong passwords are unique 和 difficult to guess, 至少由12个字符和大小写字母混合组成, 数字, 和符号. 另外, customers should change their passwords frequently, 并为不同的账户使用困难的密码,以减少欺诈.
    Multi-factor authentication is an extra layer of security, 要求客户在登录在线账户时通过手机或其他设备输入密码. 这意味着即使密码被泄露,客户也有另一道防线.
  4. Keep your software up to date.
    Fraudsters know how to exploit out-of-date software, preying on known vulnerabilities 和 security issues. 软件更新可以通过安全补丁帮助防止信息盗窃和恶意软件下载. By encouraging customers to update their devices regularly, you can prevent scammers from exploiting these security flaws.
  5. Monitor your accounts regularly.
    鼓励客户密切关注自己的账户,这样他们就能及早发现欺诈行为,减轻经济损失. They should review their bank statements, 信用卡账单, 和 other financial statements frequently for unauthorized transactions. 客户还可以设置欺诈警报,以通知他们可疑的活动.
  6. Report suspicious activity immediately.
    鼓励客户主动报告,这样你的团队就可以在需要的时候控制损失. 还应促使他们向联邦贸易委员会(FTC)和三大信用机构报告欺诈行为.
  7. Use a variety of educational channels.
    Provide information about banking fraud on your website, 在你的移动应用中, 在你的枝头, 并在社交媒体上确保你的预防教育材料能传播到尽可能多的人. You can also create educational videos, 博客文章, 和信息图表,使信息更容易访问和点击价值.
  8. Tailor your educational materials to your target audience.
    考虑你所服务的不同类型的客户以及他们的金融知识水平. 你可能需要为老年人、学生和小企业制作不同的教育材料.
  9. Keep your educational materials up to date.
    Fraudsters are constantly developing new scams. 确保你的教育材料是最新的威胁, keeping your customers secure 和 knowledgeable.

Protect your bottom line with proactive strategies

While you can’t eliminate all the risks of banking fraud, 您可以通过主动预防策略授权您的团队和客户. That means prioritizing education.

在公司, 我们理解教育金融机构及其重要客户了解不断变化的银行欺诈情况的重要性. 这不仅仅是为了保护资产,而是为了让个人和企业能够做出明智的决定,加强他们的财务安全.





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